Adopting Ghana


In Essays, Photography on October 20, 2009 at 9:16 pm

Seth is beautifully and wonderfully made. He has bright, shy eyes and an amused expression most of the time. When he is not happy, he scowls. Some of his expressions and a lot of his laugh are just like his “twin” brother at home.

He loves looking at pictures of his future siblings and is already calling me Daddy and Shannon Mommy. He especially loves the video of the kids hugging his stuffed toy sheep and putting it into the suitcase. He was delighted when he opened that suitcase and, lo and behold, there it was! Just for him.

He is here in my room. Earlier he was glued to my side and crying softly. He wouldn’t tell me why, seemingly afraid I will leave him. His sobs are also a lot like Joshua’s, only quieter. Now he is fine and playing with books and puzzles I brought for the school. He has also discovered the joy of popping bubble wrap and was angry when the other kids here took and played with the harmonica I brought to provide some musical entertainment.

I’d say, “Send harmonicas!” but I know it would drive Kingsley, the orphanage director and his wife to distraction.

I don’t know what I (or Seth) will do when I have to return without bringing him home with me. God willing, the court process will flow quickly, the court order, I-600 filing process, and decree will happen faster than usual, and Shannon can come right over and bring him home once Seth has a visa.


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