Adopting Ghana

Ghana: Day Nine

In Journal Entries, Photography on October 26, 2009 at 2:14 am

I woke up around 6am to the sound of morning devotional outside. I think it’s great that Kingsley does this.

Brandt and Heather stayed until after morning exercises, then called a cab and set out plans with Kingsley.  I had morning “tea” of ovaltine and sweetbread with them and then loaded their bags into the taxi. Brandt will call me with info on which hotel he ends up in after tonight so I can make my reservation there on Friday.

I’m getting mixed feelings about leaving. I’m feeling much more integrated into life’s routines here in this “mini-mission”. It feels like the same range of feelings from my 2 years in Guatemala compressed into two weeks.

I was extra busy this morning with treating 9 year old student Isabella for a 102.4° fever.  I almost had to take her to the hospital were it not for Patience, 13 (who desires to become a nurse), who attended to her while I did other work.  By 1pm, Isabella went back to school with a much-reduced fever. Also soaking wet because we had to douse her dress in water to get her core temperature down in the heat of the day.

And it was hot today. I was out in the 10am-1pm time slot taking pictures and video of needy school kids and orphans for scholarship sponsorships we hope to promote.  Kingsley and I had each child write their name, age, year in school, and what they wanted to be in the future on 3×5 cards. Then, we called them out class by class, lined them up, gave them a whiteboard with their name on it, and took pictures and videos. There are lots of fun ways to make this happen for them and I can’t wait to get home and do it!

I was about to enter into heat exhaustion so I asked Kingsley to take me to the restaurant so I could get some cooler air, some big bottles of water, and a couple of Cokes to drink. (I know, Coke is a diuretic, but it’s the kind with real cane sugar…comfort beverage). While there, I sent text messages to Shannon, whom I miss dearly, and emailed updates to the Luckyhill group back home.  This has been a very productive trip because of the iPhone access, though I do not enjoy thinking of the voice roaming charges I’ve incurred thus far calling about medical issues and such. The ones for Seth to talk to his new family we had somewhat already budgeted for, though. Didn’t count on him wanting to talk to everyone every night. Lil’ stinker.

I bought some bread to eat and to give some to Gloria. She cheers up when Obrunis give her gifts.

Not much happened the remainder of the afternoon. After 7pm, all orphans and Kingsley’s family gathered in the living room for Family Home Evening. It was amazing the amount of respect and reverence even the little kids had. Games, scriptures, songs, and no arguing! (But, no treat at the end either…oh, well.) 🙂

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