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News coverage in Ghana about Luckyhill

In Updates on May 9, 2010 at 9:49 pm

A radio station in Ghana recently ran a story on Luckyhill. There is a radio clip with it also.

We can’t verify or deny anything that was actually said and done, except for what it says about us being told Seth was dead when he was actually still alive. Keep in mind that Ghanaian standards of journalism differ from those of the United States, so the word “allegedly” is not always used to discuss accusations not yet tried in a court of Ghanaian law.

As we’ve said before, we do want Kingsley to stop fighting this and own what he has done…confess and do his jail time and make restitution to all the families he has harmed, both in the United States and in Ghana.

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  1. So sorry for what you are all going through. I pray for your peace and comfort as well as those poor kids for what they have had to and continue to endure. Thank you for the updates. If we can do anything to help, please let us know.

  2. Thank you, Vicki. We’ve had such an outpouring of support, and we’re glad to have yours.

  3. Rob,
    Interested in hearing more about your experience. . .we adopted 3 from Ghana this year- brought them home in March. Found your story intriguing. . .

    • Thanks, Sarah. Congratulations on your adoption!

      We had chosen to go the independent adoption route. Not sure yet whether an agency might have protected us from such fraud as we’ve found there is a lot of human trafficking going on in Africa and elsewhere. Agencies can only know what they know by ultimately taking one or another person at their word. But we are so happy to know for sure now by witnesses we trust that Seth is ok.

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