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Ghana: Day Eight

In Journal Entries, Photography on October 25, 2009 at 2:43 am

I got up and out early this morning to go to the airport to pick up Heather and Brandt (each parents from separate adoptive families), who are coming from the states to bring their respective kids home. On arrival and after waiting for a bit, I realized their plane schedule was different than expected. I looked it up on my iPhone and found it had landed 2 hours earlier.

I returned to the chapel to find church was 1/2 over and that Brandt and Heather had already made it there and gone off to the orphanage. Ah well.

After church, we went home and met them both. Brandt will be taking his daughter, Vida, home and Heather hopes that the embassy will grant the visa for Patience to finally come home as well.  We may or may not be on the same flight home depending on how everything goes for each of them.

Seth with a fistful of "Memory" game cardsI spent the afternoon visiting with them and playing with the kids. We all took naps, ate dinner and played and read more with the kids. I put Seth to bed around 9pm. It was a bit late, by standards at home at least, but it was fun watching him playing with the other kids.

It was also fun seeing how excited Patience and Vida were about their parents being there to finally take them home. I got a bit wistful for that time to come for Seth, though someone else will likely escort him.

Other good news: Ebenezer now has adoptive parents beginning the process to adopt him and another child named Joshua.  Ebenezer is a delightful young man, filled with the Spirit and lots of potential to be a great man.

I’ve been quite dehydrated. I found packets of German “Gatorade” electrolyte powder in the closet and in the infirmary to help replace what I’ve lost. Already starting to feel better.

Seth loves the “Memory” game I brought to the orphanage.  He and Kingsley’s children play it over and over again. Seth’s quite bright.

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